On this page we are developing an archive wtih summaries of topics addressed at our meetings.    

The Battle of Pilleth  :  Dr Craig Jones  November 2012

Pool Park PoW Camp : Arnold Hughes   October 2021

Poetic Licence in the Vale : Gwynn Matthews  April 2021

National Library of Wales: Presentation on the Library’s project on broadcasting history involving local media resources.  Einion Gruffudd : March 2021

Ruthin’s Old Courthouse in the modern era.  Kate Harcus:  February 2021 

Treason of the Blue Books. The report on Welsh Education 1847.  Bob Morris   January 2021

From Beadle and Nightwatchmen to Police Constable. The development of policing in late Georgian and early Victorian Denbighshire   Gwynn Price Rowlands      November 2020

Ruthin Town Defences      Gareth Evans      October 2020

Tomen y Rhodwydd and Tomen y Faerdre    Iain Grant     January 2020

Pool Park, and who lived there     Arnold Hughes     December 2019


Thomas Gee : Media Mogul with a Message       Bob Morris     November 2019

The ‘Old Boys’ of  Denbigh County School and the Great War       Dr. Paul Evans   October 2019


Who was Jones?           Alister Williams        March 2019

Historic Gardens in Clwyd          Glynis Shaw   February 2019

Cymer in Edeirnion           Jenny Lees         December 2018    

Ruthin's Building Materials - History, Sources, Geology Brian Hubble  December 2018     

Tomen y Rhodwydd       Fiona Gale        October 2018    

The Hand Inn & Ruthin's Last Brewer       Gareth Evans    December 2017

John Thomas - The Ruthin Photographs     Roger Edwards          December 2017     

Telford's Holyhead Road - Chirk to Menai Bridge   David Richards         November 2017

Ruthin Castle -  history, archaeology, conservation  Will Davies          October 2017         

Porth y Dŵr - a 15th Century Building  Carol Smith              February 2017         

Rhyl to Corwen Railway, 50 years on.  Brian Hubble            December 2016    

The Bull - an Elizabethan Tavern in Ruthin   Gareth Evans            December 2015         

Caerfallen - an Elizabethan Farmhouse  Zoe Henderson         November 2015       

Victorian Christmas Cards    Gwynne Morris          December 2015