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Pool Park Prisoner of War Camp  WW2

Prof. Arnold Hughes

20 October 2021

The first meeting of our 2021-2 programme was our first attempt at combining a live-audience meeting, held in Yr Hen Lys, Ruthin, with a Zoom meeting. After a good deal of trial and error it appears to have worked, though you might detect on or two small glitches with the video recording, for which we apologise.

Prof. Hughes covered the development of PoW camps in the UK, the origins of the inmates, and the facilities in the camps. He then gave us details of the developments at Pool Park, the involvement of inmates in the local community, and the post-war housing of displaced persons. 

He concluded by showing us what remains on the site today, and the role of Bolero barracks on Park Road.

The talk can be seen here:

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