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Here are some links to other websites which are of relevant interest.

National Library of Wales                     On-line resources

We recommend these resources for research or just general interest:

Welsh Tithe Maps: excellent interactive site for 1839 tithe maps. You can overlay contemporary maps with 1890s OS maps and the actual tithe maps. You can locate particular fields by name (in many cases), owner, occupier (if different), field use (arable or pasture), land area, and amount of tithe.

The People's Collection. OS maps from 1874-5 edition. Zoom in/out facility, hybrid maps allows to see contemporary maps against historical ones.

Welsh Newspapers on line. Again you can navigate to specific newspapers by typing in a particular newspaper title or specific topic, which will then be yellow-line highlighted for one newspaper or all the collection.

Members of Facebook are recommended to join the 'Ruthin Memories' Group.

Town and Around / O Gwmpas y Dre

This is published quarterly by the Ruthin and District Civic Association.

Some issues contain articles of historical interest, and we are happy to provide a link to them  here. A number of such articles from past publications can be viewed here:

If you would like a regular copy of 'Town and Around'', please join the Ruthin and District Civic Association. Details can be found on the Ruthin Civic website:  or you can see the latest issue here:

You can also download the excellent guide 'Slow Walks Round Ruthin'  here


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