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December 2016.  Member's talk at the Christmas meeting, before the a.g.m.

Brian Hubble presented a sound-and-vision DVD entitled 'The Rhyl to Corwen Railway, 50 Years on.' 


The railway through Dyffryn Clwyd was opened in the 1860's, originally built by three companies - 

The Vale of Clwyd Railway  - Rhyl to Denbigh, connecting with the North Wales Coast line.

The Denbigh, Ruthin and Corwen railway - Denbigh to Corwen, connecting with the Wrexham - Ruabon - Cambrian Coast line.

The Mold and Denbigh Junction Railway - with an end-on connection at Mold to the line from Chester via Saltney (Mold Junction). Mold Junction (Saltney) to Denbigh.

By the 1870's all three companies had been absorbed by the London and North Western Railway.

There were several intermediate stations along the line and, with road communications being poor, it operated as a going concern for many decades as a freight and passenger line, with considerable economic benefit to the local area.

However the blight of wartime and the development of motor transport on modern roads led to the decline of traffic and increasing decrepitude. All traffic had ceased my the mid-1960's and the line was closed - the southern section pre-dating the Beeching Report by a few months.


The speaker had identified the locations of several photographs taken during the steam era along the line, as discovered in a book 'Railways Along the Clwyd Valley: Corwen to Rhyl' by Bill Rear, published by Foxline , and had visited these locations to photograph the present-day view from, as far as possible, the same angle. The then-and-now images were juxtaposed in a DVD incorporating steam sound and nostalgic music. For many of the members this brought back memories of their use of the railway in their youth.

While in some locations the railway has left no trace, where either nature has reclaimed the scene or human constructions have obliterated its course, there remains a motley collection of clues as to its former existence in both rural and urban locations.

For copyright reasons this DVD cannot be made available to the public.


Railway Terrace

Eyarth Gorge

Eyarth Station Yard

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