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Membership of the Society costs an amazingly low £5 a year. This gives access to the Society's current seven meetings. The Society is also giving thought to developing a programme of Summer visits.


The Society's membership is over 100 and attendance is usually towards the top of the 60-80 range. The meetings are therefore well attended and popular.


Membership fees can be paid in cash at a meeting, or through a bankers order, which helps with administration.

It would be a great help if the relevant forms could be completed before attendance at a meeting, rather than on arrival. 

Alternatively there is an officer of the Society at the door of each meeting prepared to accept membership fees.

If you would like a membership/banker's order form, you can click here for a printable copy in Welsh or English.

Alternatively you could e-mail the Secretary to request a form as an attachment....

The Old Courthouse 1401

89 people attended our October meeting -  a record for us!

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