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On this page we are developing an archive with summaries of topics addressed at our meetings.    

For events before 20021 click here


Currently planned:


15th March 2023 Gareth Evans ‘Country Houses and Estates in Dyffryn Clwyd’

Sailing Away - some  North East Wales migrants and travellers   Kevin Matthias   Febnruary 2023 .

Ruthin Old Buildings Dendrochronology Project    Carol Smith   Fiona Gale   Gareth Evans     December 2022

Ruthin Railway Station   Fiona Gale    November 2022  

Houses of Noble Poverty - the Almshouses of Denbighsire   Prof. Arnold Hughes    October 2022 

The Welsh Marcher Lordships      Philip Hume     March 2022

Belgian Refugees in Ruthin 1914-1918     Toni Vitti      February 2022

Medieval Welsh Law in North East Wales   Dr Sara Elin Roberts    January 2022

Victorian Businesses in Ruthin    Gareth Evans    December 2021

Owain Glyndwr and the The Battle of Pilleth    Dr Craig Jones  November 2021

Pool Park PoW Camp  Arnold Hughes   October 2021

Poetic Licence in the Vale   Gwynn Matthews  April 2021

National Library of Wales: Presentation on the Library’s project on broadcasting history involving local media resources.  Einion Gruffudd   March 2021

Ruthin’s Old Courthouse in the modern era.  Kate Harcus   February 2021 

Treason of the Blue Books. The report on Welsh Education 1847.  Bob Morris   January 2021

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