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Data Protection Regulations 2018

Society Data Protection Rules

All data bases will be the responsibility of the nominated officer who shall not divulge any information on the darabase to anyone outside the organisation without authority. Sharing the information to fellow officers is only permitted if this is required to fulfill a decision of the Committee.
The membership database shall be kept by the membership officer who is currently Carol Smith.
The standing order database shall be kept by the treasurer who is currently Kay Culhane.
The correspondence database shall be kept by the secretary who is currently Gareth Evans.
The databases are to be kept on each officers personal servers in a searchable form and be password protected apart from that kept by the Treasurer, which shall be in hard copies and kept in a secure place and not copied.
The data bases shall not be copied to individual members during general correspondence.
The databases shall include name, address, telephone number, email address and, where relevant. subscription details.
The correspondence for the next annual meeting shall include an invitation to members to agree to their membership details being kept by the Society. The membership forms will be amended so that all new members agree to their membership details being kept by the Society as follows:
In making your application you agree the information you provide shall be maintained by the Society in accordance with the Society Data Protection Rules and can be used to provide you with details about the society, its activities and such other information about historical issues in and around Ruthin which would be helpful to the Society’s membership. The society agrees that your data will only be used for these purposes and will be kept in confidence and not shared with any third party.
Compliance can be audited at the annual meeting and appropriately minuted .
These procedures should be maintained for all records related to persons involved with the Society. 
May 2018



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