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The Rhos Street School project

Rhos Street School - Arnold Hughes

Rhos Street British School (the origins)- A. Fletcher


A distinguished 19th century headteacher

 J.D Jones - A. Fletcher

In 2018 Rhos Street School moved from its home of 170 years to a state-of-the-art new building at Glasdir.

In recognition of this a small team of researchers from the RLHS are investigating the school's history - a wonderful mix of educational development, personal memory and old photographs.

If any reader thinks that they would like to contribute a little, even if it is only a date for a photograph, for example, please contact:

The content of these pages will expand over the coming months.

While we know little about some of these photographs, they form a good record of some aspects of social history, and changes in dress, demeanour and prosperity are evident.


Please contact us if you can add any information.

Buffs jpeg.jpg

This remarkable photograph from 1926 has recently been found.

The occasion was a party after a football match between Rhos Street and Borthyn schools. The location is by the former railway embankment in Cae Gwynach (now Castle Park residential area). Was a similar photograph taken of the Borthyn children?

The event was organised by the Royal and Ancient Order of Buffaloes - the members are wearing their insignia.

From left to right, the Buffs are as follows:

Arthur Tyldesley : TJ Williams , butcher : ST Jones : JE Edwards , Headmaster : Unidentified : Joe Malley : P Roberts, shoemaker : W Williams : R T^Roberts , printer : Unidentified : Unidentified : DT Thomas, painter ans fireman : G Evans : Rowland H Jones , Mayor : Mrs Jones : Mrs Griffiths : Baldwin Griffiths, Town Clerk :Unidentified : Unidentified : TH Morris : Inspector Harvey , TEDW : Edward Williams, Gamekeeper : D Davies : RO Jones : F Hodson :  H Joyce, jeweller : R Jones : William Davies.

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