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Recollections from the 1930s


The lady who provided these wished to remain anonymous.


Memories of my school days.

I started at Rhos St school in 1932 and was a pupil there until I went to the County School for Girls in 1939. At Rhos St, Ellis Edwards was the Headmaster. Miss Evans was the teacher in the ‘Infants’. The other teachers were: Miss Roberts, standard 1, Miss Edith Roberts, standard 2 and Miss Annie James, standard 3. The Headmaster taught standard 4. I remember that Miss Edith Roberts’ nickname was ’bulldog’ but I do not recollect the reason, I do not remember her being fierce!

The infants were divided into 2 groups, one for Welsh speakers and one for English. Everyone was together after the age of 7 years. Most of our education was through the medium of English once we had left the infants.

In those days if a child did not pass the grammar school entrance exam (Ruthin for girls, Denbigh for boys) they stayed in Rhos Street. They were joined by older pupils from Llanbedr school until they left at 14 years of age.

There was a children’s home in Haulfre (a large house next to Ruthin school) and its residents attended Rhos St for their education. The children were accepted by the town children and integrated into the school. David and Mary Jones were the Superintendent and Matron at the home at the time.

Us children, on occasions, were taken to play games on the field next to Haulfre. I also remember going on trips out. We went once to the Jacobs factory in Liverpool to see how biscuits were made.

We used paper and pencil to write once we were 7 years old. Slate and chalk was used in the infants’ class.

I enjoyed my time in Rhos St as did my children 30 years later in the 1960s.

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