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Freda Pierce 1.jpg

Rhos Street School Gallery


This photo is undated but could be very early 1900s. If anyone can enlighten us please get in touch.

Freda Pierce 3.jpg

1904-5.  (Apologies for the quality!)


Freda Pierce 2.jpg

1907-8.  (Again, apologies for the quality!)


Probably 1919-20

Teacher Mr.Edwards

This  photo is believed to be from the late 1930's .

Can anyone provide more information, please?

This photo is from 1947. It looks as if it was taken in the Town Hall.

We believe the Mayor was Arthur Tyldesley.

What was the occasion? The school centenary perhaps?

Please help if you can add any information.

A similar photograph was made of the Borthyn School children.

1947 ?




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